Your Hosts

Jason Clairmont, ManagerJason Clairmont, Manager of the Cottage on Main Street, comes to us with over 18 years of live event and tour management.

Jason and his wife, Danya, have been married 19 years (yay!) and have two sons, one in high school and the other in middle school.

Jason has spent most of his adult life on the road with various organizations such as Women of Faith, World Vision, and Winter Jam doing everything from merchandizing and sales to operations and customer service.

Knowing these high school years are going to fly by quickly, Jason decided he wanted to get off the road and spend more time at home with his family. The opportunity to manage the Cottage on Main Street came at an ideal time where he could do what he loves (helping people) and be around more for baseball games, basketball games, and drum lessons (well, maybe he’s not so excited about the drums!).

Having been in the service industry for many years, Jason’s the best at helping people feel comfortable and solving problems on the fly. If there’s anything you need to make your stay in the Cottage more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason at


A Little about the Owners

The Main HouseSteve and Karen Anderson grew up in the DC area but have lived in Tennessee for 15 years. They have lived on Main Street for the last 10 years and love Franklin. At this stage in life, they can live anywhere, but there’s no place they’d rather be than downtown Franklin!

Steve and Karen are high school sweethearts. They were both involved in Young Life in high school; Steve in Maryland and Karen in Virginia. They met on a regional Young Life weekend when they were seniors in High School and even went to the Prom together. They got married in 1975 between their junior and senior year of college. They’re still married and still involved in Young Life! They currently serve on the Board for Young Life Capernaum, an outreach to high school students with disabilities. (If you know of someone in high school with special needs, check out the Young Life Capernaum website to see if there is a group in your area or to inquire about starting up Young Life Capernaum.)

Steve and Karen have two daughters (both of whom have worked for Young Life – it’s a family affair for them!), two amazing sons-in-law, and two of the most adorable grandchildren in the world!

Steve and Karen have always loved entertaining, food, and hospitality. Steve’s hobby and passion is cooking (which is a delight to family and friends alike). So it’s no surprise that they have turned the Cottage into a welcoming place for guests to enjoy the area, cook, or explore both fine and casual dining opportunities that abound in Franklin.

Because they both love to travel, they have turned the everyday management of the Cottage over to the very capable Jason Clairmont. Jason has a wide assortment of gifts and talents to help make staying at the Cottage an amazing experience. If you have any needs or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jason by phone (615-509-4418), text or email.